Welcome to Pohltech

POHLTECH provides competitive automation solutions to the process industry. We provide turnkey electrical and control projects. That means everything from project management, design, power and control installation and programming of the automation system, this also includes test and commissioning.

We can deliver all or any part of the above.

We are experts in feed factories, where we have delivered many solutions to fish feed factories.

The industrial IT part is one of the important issues in a modern process plant. Thanks to our dosing and traceabillity system “PT-Trace” , POHLTECH can deliver complete control and traceability throughout the entire plant.

POHLTECH was founded in September 2014 in Concepcion, Chile by the partners Marco Cifuentes Flores, Erik Gross Jensen and Morten Pohlmann. POHLTECH headquarters are situated in Conception Chile. We are represented in Denmark by Gross Automation and in Spain by Pohltek 2014.

The Managing director of Pohltech Marco Cifuentes Flores is Chilean and lives in Chile. He has many years of experience in electrical installation and supervision.

Project manager Morten Pohlmann is Danish and living in Spain. He has 15 years of experience in supervision and project management of different sizes of Electrical projects.

Project manager Erik Gross Jensen is Danish and living in Denmark. He has 25 years of experience in automation and project management of automation and Industrial IT projects.

Language: We are able to implement projects in Spanish, English, German and Danish.

POHLTECH provides complete electrical project for a whole machine installation.

POHLTECH provides complete control systems for whole process lines.

POHLTECH provides project management and consulting